Steve O'Reilly

Fine Gael candidate for Blanchardstown-Mulhuddart

How would you help get more housing built in Fingal?

Fingal has one of the youngest and fastest growing populations in the country. With that in mind more housing is needed. But not just any housing, Affordable. I hope to advocate for the creation of more affordable housing schemes in Fingal, opening the opportunity for more people to buy a home they think is currently out of reach.

I will advocate for Fingal to review more sites they currently own, and other potential sites on the market which they can develop with construction firms to create this availability and affordability for people.

What would you do to help make sure adequate amenities and services would be added along with any new housing built?

The rush to get sufficient housing supply onto the market has resulted in housing being built in areas which cannot fully support a growing population. We are seeing areas with no community centres, child care facilities, green spaces and schools.

We must retain sufficient amount of green space for families and children, along with the assurance that sufficient child care facilities and community centres are built within a proximity of an area. Advocating for this within any building schemes that Fingal are a part of will be a priority of mine

What are your views are on Dublin Airport’s current operations and its proposed expansion?

I live under the flight path of the North runway and so do many of the local residents which I represent. I and many other are aware of the benefits Dublin Airport brings to our economy due to tourism. Many will say ’’If you live under a flight path then what do you expect’’ but there are proven studies out there which have shown how noise pollution can affect people’s lives.

Dublin airport is affecting people in areas which it never has before, causing people sleepless nights and anxiety. I even know residents who are taking sleeping pills at night to help aid sleep. I am against night flights past 11pm and believe there shouldn’t be any before 7am. We can increase tourism and flights in many other parts of our country through the use of other airports.

What needs to be done to improve public transport in Fingal?

Less talk and more action. A greater number of bus services and frequency is needed. The advocating of the metro and even the LUAS is needed immediately within many areas of Fingal, one of the fasting growing populace.

What should be done to make it nicer and safer for people to get around the city on foot and by bike?

Linking more towns and communities to the city via cycle network and improving bus services so people don’t have to drive into the city centre. Expanding the success of bike rental and continuing the affordable travel rates on public transport are also key to this.

What should be done to make the roads safer for all road users?

Ensuring effective road signage and markings are in place, but also ensuring that sufficient upgrades have taken place to our pedestrian and cycle network across Fingal.

How would you help create more natural green spaces and promote biodiversity in Fingal?

By advocating that a particular percentage of park lands within Fingal have to be reforested and wild meadows grown. I also believe that there should be sufficient green space in every housing development.

How would you help get more parks and sports facilities built in Fingal?

Dublin like many capitals is becoming a concrete jungle. The more availability to parks and sporting facilities helps improve an area, but also people’s mental and physical health. Advocating and ensuring that a percentage of area is maintained as parkland in Fingal's development plan and development of sports facilities to cater for local areas through funding by Fingal and Government is key.