Declan Flanagan

Fine Gael candidate for Artane-Whitehall

How would you help get more housing built in the city – especially social and affordable housing?

 I am always advocating and raising this important issue with our Housing Managers on Dublin City Council . Fine Gael is making progress in delivering new homes in the local community. Sites such as Bunratty Road, Chanel Manor, Glin Court, Newtown, Hole in the Road, High Park, Cromcastle and Woodville and the Oscar Traynor road lands are all being presently delivered in the Artane Whitehall Ward 

How would you help improve conditions in existing housing, both social and privately rented?

I wish to ensure that homes are of the highest standard, well insulated with good heating systems. It is important that the council carries out repairs to properties in a timely fashion. There are a number of voids in my ward which I would like to see renovated and allocated to a constituent on the waiting list.

What would you do to help make the city feel less dirty, tackling the rubbish and dog poo all over the streets?

I have asked for more bins in the city so residents can deposit their rubbish instead of littering the streets. For people who are illegally dumping rubbish, more CCTV is required to help bring these offenders to justice. 

What would you do to help tackle vacancy and dereliction?

Encourage and provide supports for more entrepreneurs to set up businesses in the city. Landlords should offer flexible leases. If a property is in a poor visual state and bringing down the general look of the area, the property owner should be ordered to bring the property up to the required standard.

What needs to be done to make the city feel safer?

More gardaí on the streets, increase the garda visbility. Gardaí to be given more power so that they can actually do their job. Prison sentences to be increased for violent offenders.

What needs to be done to improve public transport in the city?

More buses operating during peak times and better bus routes devised. A light rail system to be implemented for the northside of Dublin.

What should be done to make it nicer and safer for people to get around the city on foot and by bike?

More protected cycle lanes around the city to ensure that cyclists are safe. Cyclists should not be breaking the lights however and should be fined if doing so. E-scooters should not be operating on the footpaths and offenders should be prosecuted.

What would you do to help counter the rise of the far right, anti-immigrant and anti-LGBTQ+ hate, and anti-asylum-seeker arsons?

More education and discussion is needed in this area.