Conor Linnane

Sinn Féin candidate for Swords

How would you help get more housing built in Fingal?

We are in the middle of an unprecedented housing crisis that will require the biggest house building program that the state has ever seen. I would put pressure on Fingal County council to ensure that we have a strong council-led building program on public land to increase the supply of affordable homes in Fingal.

The process of selling public land on to developers needs to stop!

What would you do to help make sure adequate amenities and services would be added along with any new housing built?

All new developments must have adequate amenities and services to support them. These have to be provided for and included at the planning stage and need to be properly scrutinised. I believe Miller’s Glen/Meadowbank in my area of Swords is a great example of how developments should be supported going forward. There is a great retail area with health services, childcare facilities, sports pitch with changing facilities and a fantastic children’s playground and sports court. I will be campaigning that this level of amenities and services be provided with all new large developments.

What are your views are on Dublin Airport’s current operations and its proposed expansion?

While I agree that the airport is a good provider of employment for the people of Fingal they are currently not good neighbours to the people of Swords. They, like everybody else, are required to abide by planning conditions which at present they are not.

There is currently a case with an Bord Pleanala dealing with the number of night time flights and they have changed flight paths meaning additional houses now fall into the areas dealing with an extreme increase in aircraft noise. Going forward, there needs to be a drastic improvement with communication and engagement with the council and local residents and they must of course comply with their planning conditions.

What needs to be done to improve public transport in Fingal?

Swords needs the delivery of the Metro. Unfortunately, we have just heard that the metro is now going back out to public consultation and likely to incur additional spends and time. This is yet another massive set back to the people of Fingal. There are also many estates in Swords that do not have adequate access to public transport. A review of the public transport system and routes in swords is needed so that these estates, particularly the new large developments are adequately served by public transport.

What should be done to make it nicer and safer for people to get around the city on foot and by bike?

There has been a huge investment in the provision of cycleways and path upgrade works around Swords. This is a welcome addition to the area. Care does need to be taken though to ensure that these are planned and installed safely. There were many installed with kerbing that was becoming a trip hazard and following public response had to be subsequently removed. We also need to ensure that our current footpaths are kept well maintained and free from damage that could cause access issues or injury.

What should be done to make the roads safer for all road users?

Our roads need to be kept in good repair. Our roads are constantly being dug up and relaid to install or repair services. They need to be put back to a good standard and not just patched up. Speed limits and signage must also be kept under review to allow for new developments and changes to surroundings.

How would you help create more natural green spaces and promote biodiversity in Fingal?

As with adequate amenities and services, I would campaign that green spaces must be included at the planning stage for all developments. In work I am a member of the sustainability taskforce with which I provided pocket orchards and bug hotels to the community.

How would you help get more parks and sports facilities built in Fingal?

As with the Miller’s Glen development, I would campaign for pitches and facilities to be included with large developments.

I have also been campaigning for a public swimming pool in Swords. At present the people of Swords are stuck having to pay high fees to access private pools in gyms etc. or travel to the sea which is of course weather depending.